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Helpful organisations

Supporting families affected by drugs or alcohol. Provides publications and support groups. Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
Website: http://www.adfam.org.uk
Tel: (020) 7553 7640

Provides self-help family groups for people whose lives are affected by someone else’s drinking. (Helpline 10am-10pm, 365 days a year)
Website: http://www.al-anonuk.org.uk
Tel: (020) 7403 0888

Alcoholics Anonymous
For people with a drink problem.
Website: http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk
Tel: 0845 769 7555

Care for the Family
Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those hurting because of family breakdown.
Website: http://www.careforthefamily.org.uk

Changed Lives
A collection of individual stories and testimonies showing how Jesus has dramatically changed the lives of folk from all walks of life, to be a remarkable and refreshing introduction to the Christian faith.
Website: http://www.changed-lives.org.uk/

Christian Motorcyclists Association
The Christian Motorcyclists' Association (C.M.A. (U.K.)) is a home based missionary organisation which aims to be involved in every aspect of the biking world, and so we welcome people from all walks of life.
Website: http://www.bike.org.uk/cma/

Christians Against Poverty
Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity with a network of 112 centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service.
Website: http://www.capuk.org/

Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice, and by influencing policy makers.
Website: http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Credit Action
Credit Action is a national money education charity. They are committed to helping people manage their money better
Website: http://www.creditaction.org.uk

Your GP can often advise and offer help

Know the Score
Information and advice on drugs in Scotland.
Website: http://www.knowthescore.info
Tel: 0800 587 587 9

For better mental health.
Website: http://www.mind.org.uk

Offenders Anonymous
A group of ex-offenders who have identified a shared problem of addiction to criminal behaviour, who believe that a significant proportion of men and women incarcerated in UK prisons may be offending due to compulsion - or addiction. A network of support groups helping each other address common problems and recover from this addiction.
Website: http://www.offenders-anonymous.org.uk

Pecan is a charity that helps transform the lives of disadvantaged people through various training and motivational projects.
Website: http://www.pecan.org.uk

Working together to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life.
Website: http://www.rethink.org

Things on your mind? Talk to someone.
Website: http://www.samaritans.org/

The housing and homelessness charity
Website: http://www.shelter.org.uk

Talk to Frank
This government website offers free and confidential advice about drugs and can refer people on to local drugs services.
Website: http://www.talktofrank.com
Tel: 0300 123 6600

The Alpha Course
Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, with a day or weekend away.
Website: http://uk.alpha.org/

The Door UK
The Door UK is an organisation that works to support families that have a loved one in prison. They have workers based in Jamaica and across the UK and volunteers who write to and visit men and women who are in prison. They also work with British women in Fort Augusta Prison, Jamaica. The Door UK will help and support families that come from abroad by way of escorting them to and from the prison. They also take families to any prison in the country, if they have a local volunteer in the area. e-mail: thedooruk@btconnect.com
Tel: 02380 230950 (helpline)
Tel: 02380 230950 (fax)

A monthly fellowship in South London (Brixton) - run by Christian ex-offenders for offenders and ex-offenders and their families and friends.
Website: http://www.transformed.org.uk
Tel: 07916 168814

Victory Outreach UK
Victory Outreach UK provides Christian homes for young people in need.
Website: http://www.vouk.org.uk
Tel: 0845 409 2449

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