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Real-life stories: Involved in drugs and/or alcohol abuse or dependancy

From Killing, Drugs, Drink And Abuse To Saving

By Sandie Shirley

Jamie KidAs a member of one of the toughest soldier regiments in the UK, Jamie Kidd, developed a thirst for violence and visited prostitutes. But when the former paratrooper, aged 28, cheated death twice he surrendered his life to Jesus and later became a world-wide missionary.

‘I would get excited about the thought of killing people,’ said the man now intent on saving souls who left the regiment nearly two years ago. He takes his story, by invitation, to schools and prisons across the UK and the globe, including the Far East. In Singapore his dramatic turnaround was broadcast three times on national radio to 400,000 listeners.

The member of Avanti Ministries in Southend-on-Sea, Essex tells how his life spiralled out of control through drugs, drink and abuse before two God-changing encounters snatched him from death.

Jamie grew up in a broken home while his father was in the military. He was a school bully until the tables turned and he was racially abused because his mother came from Singapore. He hated the reproach and he grew to hate himself. He became a violent thief, a gang member and began to self harm. ‘I used to cut myself with razor blades,’ said Jamie. His life continued with drink, drugs and prison sentences for theft. ‘I wanted to impress my friends. When I was allowed back to school to take my exams I was stoned,’ said Jamie who was homeless and living in a barn at 15 years old. ‘I would lie on my bed at night and drink myself to sleep. At 17 I knew I had to do something or I would end up dead,’ he said.

After a year of training with the parachute regiment there was the thrill of jumping out of planes. ‘I thought I had found what I was looking for but we all have a hole in our heart that needs filling and I filled it with fast cars, nice clothes, drinking or sex,’ said Jamie. He found himself in the oil fields during the last Iraq war but excitement turned to fear when he saw destruction, poverty and death.

‘I was with the reconnaissance unit in the desert when a piece of shrapnel came so close to my side I could feel the heat and heard a voice that said: “I am God, I am taking care of you, do not worry.” From then I had a peace in my heart and was kept safe,’ he said. Jamie was still living as a single soldier although he was married when he narrowly escaped death again. While parachuting out of an aeroplane in England the lines became entwined and Jamie spun downwards. Terrified, he started praying. The parachute opened miraculously and Jamie heard the voice again. ‘I never doubted God again I knew he had saved my life,’ said Jamie.

‘He threw the memory of my sins into a deep sea. I did the crime but Jesus paid the time on the cross,’ said Jamie.

Jamie Serving in  Iraq

Story and pictures by courtesy of Challenge Newsline

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