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Real-life stories: Suicidal or just unable to cope

The Spirit At Work In UK Prisons

'I thought about ending my life but when the chaplain brought me your book, I can honestly say it's saved my life...' so writes James, a 27 year old inmate in Barlinnie Prison, on remand after finishing a 9 year sentence for drug related crimes. And the book which had such a profound effect on him? Once An Addict by Barry Woodward, a former heroin addict and drug dealer who was rescued from addiction by a God who turned his life around.

Once an Addict  Book

Barry has a heart for prisoners and through The Proclaim Trust, of which he is founder and director, has the ambitious plan to get a copy of Once An Addict into the hands of every prisoner in the UK. The project got underway last summer and feedback from prisoners thus far has been hugely encouraging.

Alex, currently serving 7 years for attempted murder, is known as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the system because of his violence to other prisoners and officers. He writes 'To say that God used Once an Addict to touch me is an understatement.Your book was so powerful. It was so obvious that the Lord is indeed using you to deliver His word; my spirit was reborn when I read your book, and I asked the Lord to be my life.'

The book is shining light into dark places and offering real hope to UK prisoners, as Christopher from Liverpool Prison writes, 'I've got the Lord in my life now and no money or drugs could ever replace that. I'm so lucky to have found Jesus and I know the path that lies in front of me. I want to know more of my Lord and help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.'

Story and picture by courtesy of Challenge Newsline

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