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Real-Life stories: In debt or with a gambling problem
Helpful Organisations

Helpful organisations

Care for the Family
Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those hurting because of family breakdown.
Website: http://www.careforthefamily.org.uk

Changed Lives
A collection of individual stories and testimonies showing how Jesus has dramatically changed the lives of folk from all walks of life, to be a remarkable and refreshing introduction to the Christian faith.
Website: http://www.changed-lives.org.uk/

Christians Against Poverty
Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity with a network of 112 centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service.
Website: http://www.capuk.org/

Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice, and by influencing policy makers.
Website: http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Credit Action
Credit Action is a national money education charity. They are committed to helping people manage their money better
Website: http://www.creditaction.org.uk

Things on your mind? Talk to someone.
Website: http://www.samaritans.org/

The Alpha Course
Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, with a day or weekend away.
Website: http://uk.alpha.org/

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